Food Bank Donation 2016

This whole experience has been crazy, and I think it’s safe to say that we have started an annual Promotion here at XM105FM. From all of us here, we just want to say thank you to everyone who donated for the cause of greater good. A special thanks to the Ice Pirates and their parents for coming out and helping us stuff the Classic Coachlines Bus! You could tell they were working out big time to get prepared for this big day.

At the end of everything, our listeners had raised 2500 pounds of food which is a little better then our first initial goal of 600 pounds. A big thanks goes to The Esso and the Kanta Hotel for their $1000.00 dollar donation and The Cooperators 720 pounds of food!

Finally we want to thank our Sponsors who joined us from Day 1. Classic Coachlines will be providing the ride to the hockey game, along with Western Auto & Imports – A Division of the Revolution Auto Group for donating $500.00. Western Auto had a very special surprise for the Food Bank. For every vehicle Western Auto Sold in the Month of November, they donated $100.00 to the Food Bank. So at the grand scheme of things, the Food bank also received an extra $1700.00!!!

Talking to the Director of the Food Bank in Whitecourt, Lori Vodden, she went on to say “This is huge, this is going to keep us in food until probably April. It’s like so significant. We are in a time right now where people aren’t really donating and now my numbers have doubled or tripled!”

Of course don’t worry, the draw for the $500.00 spending cash, free Oiler tickets and a ride to and from the game will be made on Monday at 8:15!

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$1000.00 Christmas Trees for Sale!!

When it comes to buying a real Christmas tree for the Holiday Season there is always questions. How many needles fall off? Is there bare spots? Will my cat think this is some sort of enemy from space and need to destroy it?

Now Real Christmas Trees vary in prices, it all depends on how tall you want them. However, in New York there is a company selling their Christmas Trees for $1000.00 and people are buying them like crazy. It seems pretty crazy to spend that amount of money on something that will go in the trash in 4 weeks. If I were to by a Christmas Tree worth $1000.00 I think it would have to come with a little more oomph.

I’m going to be greedy, and say that the lights should be put in professionally for free. I am not paying anything extra for lights, I just spend all my money on this damn tree.

The tree would have to play my favourite Christmas Carols (voice activated of course.) I am talking Boney M – Mary’s Boy Child, Blake Shelton – Silver Bells, Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad, Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron – Snoopy’s Christmas etc.

Finally, I think a $1000.00 Christmas Tree should include all of my gift buying! All of the hot gifts of 2016 season magically appear on Christmas Morning. That’s right kids, I will be buying Santa Claus for $1000.00!

Real vs. Fake

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