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Superbowl Tickets are $5K this year… Let’s See What Better Things We Can Buy…

The Superbowl is coming up next month in Minnesota, and as per usual this is year is going to be another huge event. You’ve got pink singing the national anthem, Justin Timberlake doing the halftime show, the commercials and so on. And that also means the tickets aren’t going to be cheap.

The most expensive face value ticket is actually $5,000. For one ticket. And the cheapest one is sitting at $950. So with that I came up with a list of things you can buy for the cost of a Superbowl ticket, that isn’t a Superbowl ticket:

14 pugs—so already buy the pugs instead people (click on the picture below)

1,000 orders of a 20 piece chicken nugget meal

350 adult tickets to a wolverines game, yes I did the math for this

2,350 boxes of 10 timbits doughnuts

You’re welcome.

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