Things to do in Quarantine


April 16, 2020 at 11:53 am - Home, Afternoons, XM105FM Blog,
By Arielle Leslie

Bored? Yeah, me too. I’ve made a list to help!

Watch Movies! Did you know that the National Film Board of Canada has some FREE Canadian content available online? No need to sign up for any accounts, simply head to their website and browse:

Dance! The National Ballet Of Canada is hosting virtual dance classes on their Instagram weekly! It allows you to connect with and learn from the dancers.

Work Out! The Allan & Jean are posting full-body workouts every weekday! Plus, you can help out a local business!

Virtual Kids Content! You can check out Cookie Monsters YouTube Channel! He has a show called: Snack Chat! He posts every Tuesday.

That’s just a few things to check out! – Arielle



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