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By Cal Gratton

The Coast To Coast Closeup is presented by The Eagle River Casino and Travel Plaza in Whitecourt.

Rough Around The Edges, the record steps out lyrically and sonically from the 29-year-old, Waterdown, Ontario-based singer/songwriter’s past efforts. That’s a product of the fact that his vision for the record was forged primarily during the past four years on the road. You’ll still hear echoes of Ty Baynton’s long time influences like Tom Petty and Garth Brooks

While some of the record was tracked in Nashville at Blackbird Studios – with owner John McBride (Garth Brooks/Martina McBride) engineering and Baynton and his live drummer, Shawn Moore, producing – it was the initial sessions at Phase One in Toronto that set the tone for the record overall.

For those first sessions (produced by Nathan Ferarro and engineered by Jason Dufour), Baynton tapped guitarist Stuart Cameron, drummer Blake Manning and bassist Peter Fusco to back him up. Fair to say, as band mates in both The Heartbroken and Matthew Good’s band, the three not only know their way around rock and country intimately, they bring a chemistry to the tracks that, like Baynton’s vision for his sound, is rooted in countless days on the road.

While Baynton generally prefers to co-write because it provides a deeper vein of perspective and experience to mine for any given song, he has a huge well of experience of his own to draw on, as well as significant talent as a songwriter – a skill he first started developing at age 15, the year after he first picked up his grandfather’s guitar. Since then he’s honed his chops as a singer, songwriter and performer relentlessly, spending an inordinate amount of time on the road, including a seven-year stretch where he played 200-plus gigs a year. Even now he’s away from home roughly ten months out of twelve and splits the remainder of the year getting in some down time and song writing in Waterdown and Nashville.

Over time Baynton’s done countless shows on his own and with his live band, shared the stage with the likes of Gord Bamford, Tim Hicks, Blake Shelton and many others, and performed at some of Canada’s biggest country festivals, including Boots & Hearts, the Manitoulin Country Fest and a variety of rodeos.

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