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February 11, 2020 at 8:47 am - Home, Coast to Coast Closeup
By Cal Gratton

The Coast To Coast Closeup is presented by The Eagle River Casino and Travel Plaza in Whitecourt.

Born in Saskatoon, Barry Muir moved to Vancouver in his early 20s and became a session bassist through producer Bob Rock, who asked him to play on a Bob Coulter release in 1979. That led to an invitation to join Rock’s band with Paul Hyde, the Payola$. They played about 130 cities all over North America and won a Juno Award during his tenure. Rock then had Barry cut bass in the studio for Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts. Barry would play in that band for the next nine years. He quit to join The Blue Shadows, whose singer had inspired the character Keith in The Partridge Family.  

Barry quit performing in 1995 and became a stockbroker and didn’t do a whole lot of playing for the next nine years.  When the muse kicked back in, he recorded a few albums, 2004’s The Only, 2008’s California, and 2010’s Surest Comfort, released just before his motorcycle accident.  

He took four months to recuperate and learned how to use ProTools from watching YouTube videos. “I became obsessed,” he says, “buying all the software and equipment and building my own studio and then getting into playing all the instruments. There’s a couple of really good albums I made.” 

The one of which he’s most proud is 2016’s Beba with 21-year-old Moroccan lyricist Amine Masror, which received airplay in 25 countries. 

But The Wild and Beautiful is different from all the others, Barry says. “For one thing, I was working at a day job and I couldn’t really focus on a music career. That’s just how life works. So this album I feel really proud about and it’s time to get out there on the road and promote it.”

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