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January 24, 2020 at 9:48 am - Home, Coast to Coast Closeup
By Cal Gratton

The Coast To Coast Closeup is presented by The Eagle River Casino and Travel Plaza in Whitecourt.

Renegade Station came together almost accidentally as husband and wife duo of singer/bassist Luanne and guitarist Russell Carl began attending and performing at a town variety show in Stettler Alberta. There they met Kent and drummer Scott McKnight at the popular event and decided to create a band to play local dances and parties becoming the ‘go to’ act on the circuit.

“We were the backing band at this event and decided to take the show on the road, playing a lot of rodeo dances and weddings. But after a few years we realized we had something special. We just gelled as musicians and our voices harmonized so well together that we all just felt we needed to do more. So, we acquired ourselves a professional manager and began recording some originals and some songs that were gifted to us,” said Luanne.

The band’s name is symbolic of the group’s unconventional approach to their music and sense of independence. They are unabashed about injecting their original music and the songs presented to them by other noted songwriters with healthy doses of pop and classic rock nuances – with a focus on lushly produced and beautiful layered vocal harmonies which owe as much to Fleetwood Mac as they do to Lady Antebellum.

The “Station” part of their name is a nod to vintage working steam train that is a tourist attraction in Stettler and which is a throwback to the region’s pioneering past. Therefore, a name that is reverent towards tradition, but which also alludes to a desire to go one’s own way is ideal for the band approaches their craft.

As proof of Renegade Station’s commitment to excellence, for the recording of Along for the Ride, they worked with respected industry veteran Johnny Gasparic (Gord Bamford, George Canyon, Snoop Dogg) at MCC Recording Studio in Calgary. It was the second time working with Gasparic, but this time around Luanne said he became more integral to the creative process as well as the recording process.

With this impressive collection of songs, a live show that never fails to enchant and entertain, and an unparalleled creative drive, Renegade Station is making a break through to the national stage.

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