Alberta Pride Artist: Myrol


September 3, 2019 at 2:17 pm - Home, Afternoons, Alberta Pride Artist,
By Arielle Leslie
Photo Credit: Campfiresessions

From Edmonton, Alberta.

Joanne and Haley Myrol, known as Myrol, is a mother-daughter duo that blends stunning female voices with powerful original songwriting.

The girls have been featured on the main stage at the Big Valley Jamboree, and at the Calgary Folk Festival. The two have toured Europe, Australia, The U.S.A. and Canada, at times playing to crowds of 30,000 and more. 

In 2011, the girls released their second album ‘Blue Moon Away’ a follow-up to their debut, self-titled album. It features songs by the duo as well as co-writes with Fred Eaglesmith, CFR Champion Bull Rider and cowboy poet Dan Lowry, and Nashville’s Tim Taylor. 

They have won a World Billboard Songwriting Competition Award for ‘The Mighty Peace’, as well as obtaining awards including Fans’ Choice from the Association of Country Music in Alberta and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alberta Women & Men of Country Music.

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