Alberta Pride Artist: Erin Haley


From Barrhead, Alberta.

Erin Haley is an Alberta-based, Alberta-born singer/songwriter who grew up listening to classic rock and blues. Both genres influence her country songwriting.

She has won Western Canadian audiences over with her charm as a performer, both via her own shows in clubs and casinos and at festivals in support of such stars as Aaron Pritchett, Adam Gregory, Deric Ruttan, April Wine, and Chris Cummings.

In 2007, she released her debut album “Second First Impression” which garnered favorable reviews. Her second Album “House on Fire” was released in 2009 to praise as well. ‘Some Kind Of Trouble’ (the working title of her newest record) is in the works and if the content of some of the new material is controversial or slightly unexpected, Erin is prepared to own that. She was determined to make a record that she could get behind with conviction and sincerity. The album itself was crowd funded and the release date has not been announced.

Keep your eye out for her new work.

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