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May 3, 2019 at 10:45 am - Home, Coast to Coast Closeup
By Cal Gratton

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Originally from Tatamagoughe Nova Scotia, Paul grew up playing and singing at local variety shows and concerts. He started taking piano lessons at the age of 4 and was consumed with learning the art. By the time he was twelve he wanted to play more of a country style and was having trouble with the structure on the piano so he turned to the guitar and this is when his songwriting began. All through high school he participated in concerts and plays always loving the stage and when he turned 16 he had the opportunity to attend a larger school with a better music program where he was taught by Paul Barrett.

It was then that all the theory he had been learning started to come full circle and make sense and he started to develop his style of country rockabilly that he has incorporated into his songs. At the age of 19 Paul was playing at clubs and bars but also giving back by participating in the local sled fillers and the Christmas Daddies’ telethon which both raise money for kids at Christmas. Paul has been playing music now for over 20 years. It was his rockabilly style of piano playing that Nashville recording artist Paul Dwayne was looking for when he auditioned Paul and later hired him to join the act. He has played all over North America and received a trail blazer nomination at the King Eagle awards in Nashville for his songwriting and musical abilities.

When he returned to Canada he was asked to audition for Canadian recording artist Denise Murray where he stayed for the remainder of that year. After three years of promoting and touring Paul’s first album “I Aint All Crazy”, he’s back with a brand new full length sophomore cd.

With lots of ups and downs on the road over the last few years Paul had no trouble finding new things to write about. Well known for his piano styling, Paul wanted this album to incorporate some new twists and turns and yet still hold true to what gives him the unique sound he has crafted over the years. In the spring of 2014 Paul returned to Feswick Studios where producer Tim Feswick gathered together a talented group of musicians that would be just right for this project. Tim used every bit of magic in his bag of tricks as always and has created a new sound, very fresh and not just for country music enthusiasts.

The players include Kris Richards, Tim Feswick, JP Cormier, Andre Surette, Bob MacDonald, and Paul Randy Mingo.



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