Alberta Pride Artist: Bobby Wills


March 14, 2019 at 1:19 pm - Home, Afternoons,
By Arielle Leslie

From Calgary Alberta.

Bobby Wills is best known for two things – his signature cowboy hat and a diverse musical personality, combining a classic country sound with a toe-tapping, dynamic twist.

He has been honoured by the Canadian Country Music Association with 2 nominations for Songwriter of the Year.

His 2016 Album was a CCMA Award Album of the Year nominee, a 6-track EP titled Tougher Than Love.  His 4th album in Wills’ vast discography, featuring two top 10 singles, “Down By The River” and “Won’t You Be Mine”.  Exploring his diverse musicality, the EP blends a classic country sound with a modern edge, complemented by his signature emotive, relatable lyrics.  In December of 2016 Wills was the 3rd Top Charting Canadian on the BDS Country charts.  More over, on the 2016 Top 50 Year End Canadian Country Chart, he was #22 with “Won’t You Be Mine.”  

Also in 2016, he won two Alberta Country Music Awards which included; Male Artist of the Year and Fan’s Choice.

His 2017 album, In Comes the Night, was received well by his fans. In 2018, he nominated for Male Artist of the Year at the CCMA Awards.

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