Alberta Pride Artist: Brad Sims


September 14, 2018 at 9:52 am - Home, Afternoons,
By Arielle Leslie

From Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Brad Sims has competed in various and well known vocal competitions and was awarded the winning position for Duke’s Entertainer of the Year (2010), the Alberta/BC Talent Contest (2013) as well as garnering an impressive third place win in The Next Nashville North Star, at the Calgary Stampede (2014).

His first single, “She’d Look Good on Me” is in rotation at Canadian country radio, supported by a visually compelling video and available through iTunes.

Having performed on rodeo stages including the Fairview Amateur Rodeo, corporate events such as the Encana Stampede Barbecue and festivals such as the Grande Prairie Stompede, Brad is never too busy to host charitable events for his local Metis Association to assist an elder’s shelter for the homeless, as well as a youth program to feed and educate children. His generous heart was celebrated in Brad receiving his ceremonial sash from the Metis Association of Alberta (Local 1990, December 2015.)

His debut album was released in 2016.








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