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August 7, 2018 at 12:33 pm - Home, Afternoons,
By Arielle Leslie

Chad Klinger lives in Edmonton. Like many aspiring artists, Chad Klinger first began his musical journey whilst lathering up his hair and belting out his favourite tune in the small corner shower within his boyhood home of Lashburn, Saskatchewan. Chad took a shine to karaoke at the age of 14 and soon after began competing in various Provincial and National Talent Contests.

After graduating high school he begin University in Lethbridge. While at University Klinger began playing guitar and became fully immersed in the craft of song writing. School became secondary and after the passing of his father, Chad and his good friend and manager at the time, Chris Sheetz, found themselves recording a three song demo with Dean Sams, the keyboard player and band leader of the country group Lonestar. Though the recordings were meant to be demos, Chad decided to take a risk and release his first single entitled, “Who Needs the Moon” which topped out at 30 on the Canadian Country Music Charts in early 1999. He broke the top 20 with his next single, “Bring it On” and everything was moving along smoothly.

Over the next 9 years Chad continued to devote every spare minute he could find to song writing, performing and recording.

During the summer of 2007, while Chad was driving home from work and pondering his life he decided to call Gord Bamford. More of an acquaintance at the time, Gord seemed surprised that Chad called but was willing to help Chad get his career restarted. Over the next year Chad and Gord began co-writing and now Chad believes he is ready to take on the challenge of building a strong future in the country music industry. His clear, airy, vocal abilities, strong song writing talent and maturity earned over the course of the past decade positions him well for a promising future. His second album, The Man I Am Inside, was released in April 2010. 

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