Alberta Pride Artist of the Day! TJ Ruckus Band


August 2, 2018 at 12:55 pm - Home, Afternoons,
By Arielle Leslie

This Albertan Country Band is stationed in Grand Prairie.

Hailing from Northern Alberta, TJ Ruckus busted out onto the scene in late 2012 as a band that always has celebrated being a ‘collection of individuals’.  TJR is a melding of musical styles, and it is what makes their sound so unique and celebrated. A concertgoer to a Ruckus show may see influences of pop country, southern rock, folk, hard rock, bluegrass, and blues; to name a few. Although rooted in Northern Alberta, these roots extend the distance of the vast Canadian landscape and thus adding to this ‘collection of individuals’. Brad Lynch, vocal extraordinaire from Fairhaven, Newfoundland. On bass guitar, Andy Curtis hailing from the town of  Springdale, Newfoundland;  where he’d begin his musical journey.  Matt O’Connor from Goshen, New Brunswick; picked up the fiddle at age 4 and has not set it down since and tears it up night in-night out. Logan Kennedy, the bearded wonder from Toronto, Ontario; yielding his tele in one hand and an automatic rifle in the other. Krejg Doll from Grande Prairie, Alberta; beating the skins since the age of 8. Lastly, Terry ‘TJ’ Doll from the hamlet of Bluesky; having a incredible career in the music industry spanning 5 decades.

They’ve played hundreds of shows with highlights being opening for Gord Bamford, Finger 11, Montgomery Gentry, Washboard Union, and The Roadhammers to name a few. 








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