The Drive Show Tuesday’s Facts


May 27, 2014 at 11:08 am - Home, Afternoons
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Here are Tuesday’s facts:

Mark Twain was born just after Halley’s Comet was visible in 1835. When Halley’s Comet was visible again 75 years later, in 1910 . . . Mark Twain died the next day. (Geocities)

Mark Twain

Arnold Schwarzenegger has recorded the most on-screen kills in history . . . he’s killed 369 people during his movie career. His deadliest movie is “Commando”, where he kills 74 people. ( Randal Olson)

Anrold  Schwarzenegger (He’s still the boss of action movies)

Most of STEVE JOBS’ wealth came from Disney, not Apple. When Disney acquired Pixar from him in 2006, he got 7.4% of Disney . . . worth about $4.4 billion. He “only” had about $2.1 billion from Apple. ( ABC News)

Steve Jobs





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